Staff Shuttle bus

1. Schedule of shuttle buses from downtown(STAFF ONLY) 20220906

1.1 Route E:Departure from Horizon Cove: 7:10AM/8:00AM/9:00AM

                Return from UIC Campus: 4:15PM/5:15PM/7:15PM

1.2 Route A, B, C, D, F, G, H To Zhuhai downtown and Zhongshan

 Shuttle buses between Tangjiawan LRT station and UIC

 Schedule of shuttle bus between Jinghua Yuan & HuiTong Sports Park

 Use of college vehicles

1. Guidelines:

1.1  for college related functions and serve various operational needs

1.2  beyond Zhuhai must require to serve more than three or more staff

1.3  Local trips may be entertained only for special and urgent businesses

1.4  EMO will provide a list of licensed drivers who can provide

       individualized requests for personal uses

2. Procedure

1.1  Car booking system

        Find Services Center-Workflow Center-EMO-Car Booking, then fill in the relevant information.

1.2  New process for car booking application

1.3  User guide for car booking application

 Person in-charge

   Name: Lilian Li